Rockwell was an artist run project space located on Dalston lane in Hackney (east london). It ran from 2003 – 2007. Based on the top floor of a warehouse space, spanning a generous 8000 square feet. It consisted of a large gallery space, seven studios and also living space for a small number of the collective.

Rockwell was setup by a group of recent graduates who had met while studying at the Royal College of Art and the Royal Academy Schools. There was no external funding, all the construction work was undertaken by the resident artists. All profits from sales funded future shows. This allowed for total creative independence.

Hosting around 25 exhibitions/events & showing in excess of 100 artists Rockwell  was known and critically respected for showcasing the work of emerging artists, the rare and unseen projects of established artists, projects by particularly exciting curators and occasionally work by Rockwell’s own inhabitants.

During the time on Dalston lane the ‘resident’ group included – Brian Jones, Gavin Nolan, Chris Davies, Alex Gene Morrison, Kiera Bennett, Reece Jones, Sigrid Holmwood, Christian Ward (Hidaka), Isabel Young, Tim Parr, Hugh Mendes & Barnaby Hosking.

Many of the group are still in close contact and often talk of potential future projects…..

Below is a list of shows – see the ‘Archive’ section for images.



Shows 2003 – 2007



Rockwell. Featuring Christian Ward, Kiera Bennett, Isabel Young.


Dan Coombs. Solo Show


Baklashop. Chris Davies and Noah Sherwood.


Sometime Blonde. Featuring Paul Housley and Joel Tomlin.







Half Light. Anne Hardy, Maxwell Attenborough, Gordon Cheung.


Born,Cry,Eat,Shit,Fuck,Die. Featuring Alex Gene Morrison, Ali Mackie, Will Turner, Jack Duplock.


Like Beads on an Abacus Designed to Calculate Infinity. Curated by Andrew Hunt. Featuring David Musgrave, Toby Zeigler, Olivia Plender, Elizabeth Wright, John Russell, Dave Beech………. And many more


Colin Smith. Solo Show


Reece Jones. Solo show


The Institute of Ape Culture. Josh Thomson and Maxwell Attenborough


How Far To Utopia. Daisuke Nagaoka, Kazuhito Sahara, Chikara Matsumoto.


Zoo Art Fair.


If You Go Down to the Woods Toady… Featuring Paul Becker, Barnaby Hosking, Tomoaki Suzuki, Simon Keenleyside, Andrew Grassie, Amikam Toren………. And many more








James Jessop  Solo Show


Faux Realism. Featuring Paul Johnson, Richard Wathen, David Kefford. Gordon Cheung. Anne Hardy. Christian Ward


Gavin Nolan  Solo Show


Chris Davies  Solo Show








Paul Becker and David Kefford  Two man show


Muster Station. Featuring Dominic Allen, Linda Pearson, Chris Davies……


Alex Gene Morrison Solo show


Institute of Ape Culture Joshua Thomson and Maxwell Attenborough, included performance by ‘The instruments of oblivion’







Kiera Bennett  Solo show


Tom Woolner Solo show


Isabel Young Solo show


Nathan Witt, Tahu Deans, Lewis Amar